Sustainability plan

Our actions to take care of the planet and improve people's lives



Local personnel are hired, close to the economic and social environment of the company. Geographic mobility is an important factor; The closer the worker is to the company, it will mean saving money, time and a better quality of life. Hiring a professional who is close to the company or premises becomes more important in the event of possible unforeseen events for which it is necessary to go immediately. In addition, the use of polluting transport is minimized, as well as the stress levels of workers that may arise from spending a lot of time on the road, especially having to deal with traffic congestion.


Local campaigns of crops and seasonal products offered by farmers in the area are disseminated to make them known to our clients, employees and collaborators, informing about their contact information and other information of interest with which to encourage their consumption.


Measures are proposed to increase sustainable mobility and reduce polluting gas emissions in the transportation of clients and workers to and from the entity's facilities.

Any changes implemented in order to help control the spread of COVID-19 are communicated to collaborators, clients, visitors and employees. It is ensured that clients have the information and capabilities to comply with such changes.


A sustainable culture model is designed where all interested parties are involved to generate a positive impact on the environment, achieving a high sustainable level of competitiveness. Sustainability focuses on satisfying the relationships with the interest groups with which an entity relates, among others (employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, community, etc.), to generate a positive impact on its environment in the economic spheres. , social and environmental.

Organize or participate in workshops, social events and short but intensive educational programs for limited groups of people that focus on techniques and skills in sustainable development. Workshops and events are strong tools to unite all stakeholders and develop coherent, innovative and sustainable strategies while improving their knowledge.

We participate in educational projects on sustainable development, to empower students of all ages and in all educational environments, and to transform themselves and the society in which they live.


Decent and economically rewarding jobs are promoted and offered throughout the value chain. In addition, establishing an equitable balance of employees and women, also in leadership positions, is prioritized.


The policies, guidelines, standards and/or commitments that the company must comply with to carry out efficient use of water are designed, developed and implemented.


Environmental awareness campaigns are designed to promote responsible energy consumption through the organization's social networks; Training publications are also produced on energy and/or the environmental benefits produced by carrying out good practices.


The reconciliation of work and personal life is encouraged, allowing employees to have working conditions that allow them to develop at work without harming their family and personal life. Some of the measures for work-life balance are: maternity or paternity leave, breastfeeding leave, vacations, leaves of absence, unpaid leave, reduced hours, shift changes, teleworking, schedules, loans or financial aid, company canteen with cheap prices, etc.

Specific work processes are defined, in order to guarantee a strong brand and its competitiveness. Decision making must be well thought out and supporting solid work processes. Innovation is a great tool to distinguish the brand from the competition and therefore idea generation and application should be an integrated part of the decision-making process.


Videoconferences are carried out to improve travel savings, since its potential increases the productivity of companies and the better relationship with clients and suppliers means that this type of software has a lot of room for growth.

The use of technology is implemented in the business environment, with the aim of improving communications, since clients always value the monitoring of their projects or professional relationships between client and organization.

We install technological aspects in Customer Service through software that improves the company-customer relationship and allows strategic work as marketing salespeople, having more contact with the customer in a much faster way.

Digitization and document management processes are strengthened, minimizing expenses and avoiding environmental impacts, making use of sustainable technologies. Not only is less paper used, but the available paper is made the most of.


Programs to combat social exclusion are participated in or implemented, understanding that vulnerable groups of social exclusion can be children, migrants, people with functional diversity, the elderly, young people, the unemployed, people with migrants and homeless people, among others.

Any type of discriminatory conduct such as retaliation, offenses in relation to disability, race, gender, sex and more is prohibited. Any of these forms of discrimination can have drastic negative effects on employees, for example, decreased employee productivity, disgruntled employees, negative physical effects, or even financial and/or legal consequences for the company.


There is a commitment to disseminate campaigns to promote respect and conservation of the material and intangible cultural heritage of the territory to satisfactorily develop the company's activities.

Projects of local initiatives, of public and/or private entities whose purpose is the conservation and dissemination of local cultural heritage, are supported and promoted. To this end, economic and/or non-economic resources are invested in order to contribute to the achievement of these projects and allow them to last over time.

Information and interpretation material on the natural and cultural heritage of the local area are available and provided to clients. The staff is informed and trained about the natural and cultural heritage of the areas visited.

Knowledge of the cultural, natural and/or social values of the destination is promoted


It is reused through second-hand buying and selling, since there are many products that, before recycling, could still have a second chance as a second-hand or used market product, with the consequent cost savings that the transformation of the product entails when It is recycled into another different product.


Employees are encouraged to share transportation by promoting safe mobility systems that can reduce the number of road victims. To encourage use, you can also offer a bus hired by the company itself, which includes the advantage of punctuality in the arrival and departure of employees.

Teleworking is encouraged, one of the best measures to reduce and optimize the mobility of workers, saving on transportation, maintenance, fuel... This measure allows employees to adjust their departure and arrival times, thus increasing punctuality at work. time to start the work day.

Carbon footprint: all our experiences generate a zero carbon footprint impact, as they are activities that are carried out on foot, in the open air, without noise or pollution, without the need to generate materials (and therefore waste) every time they occur. participates. Since the user is 100% autonomous during the purchase and participation process, no trace is generated due to the intervention of third parties in the entire activity.


Campaigns carried out by other entities on the conservation of aquatic/marine ecosystems, the integration of biodiversity and environmental management are promoted. These campaigns are shared on social networks with clients, collaborators and employees and may involve research, education and awareness projects.


Information is provided to clients about the natural resources they will find to mitigate their impact on the environment and nearby communities, guaranteeing the protection and conservation of local ecosystems. For example, through training and awareness talks about the environment and the type of conservation of each ecosystem.

Guided visits to places of great environmental and/or sociocultural value are designed considering the possible environmental impacts, taking into account the necessary measures depending on the geographical location where it is carried out. Therefore, it is proposed to use environmentally responsible means of transportation such as bicycles, organize night visits, etc.


We are transparent in the information to our clients.

Honest, integrative, responsible and participatory business processes are established; it is important to prove legal compliance. Legal compliance can refer to a variety of topics, such as industry regulations, compliance with civil and criminal law, or social norms and cultural practices.

Customer satisfaction is monitored as well as sustainability aspects, there is a customer feedback system, together with the analysis of the results, and negative comments and the responses given to them are recorded.

Information is provided about places of cultural and architectural interest, as well as the correct use and enjoyment of them, so that the client knows and helps protect the assets.

The Sustainability Plan is translated into the most used languages to facilitate its understanding; and we have the appropriate staff for each of your languages.

Information is provided on the sustainability plan, a strategy that seeks to provide social, environmental and economic value, through actions that are proposed during the development of economic activity. For this reason, all our collaborators must be aware of the Sustainability Plan that the company executes.

The sustainability plan is shared on the website, since it reflects the fulfillment of the objectives proposed as a company to contribute to sustainable development, thus seeking an improvement in the image of the organization, and the alignment of values with other entities.

Internal communication mechanisms are encouraged for all collaborators and employees of the entity.


We participate in corporate fairs and conferences to help the entire supplier chain be aware of and aligned with sustainability, position and provide a good image for its brand and strengthen the relationship with clients.

Local entities are made aware of the innovative projects that are being implemented in the company and the results that are being obtained in order to be able to apply them, whenever possible, to the local community.