The user is aware of the importance of reading these warnings carefully. The use of the web www.escapethetown.app, the Reservation of experiences and the use of the Escape the Town mobile application implies full acceptance of the terms and conditions present in this legal notice.

The user who makes a purchase of Escape the Town experiences must accept these conditions in order to proceed with the reservation. This acceptance is extended to each participant that makes up the reservation, not only to the person who makes it, so he is responsible for indicating these conditions to each participant in his group. Ignorance of these conditions does not exempt them from compliance.

What we sell at Escape the Town:

  • Contents of logic tests based on the history of various towns to be viewed through our app that indicates some points in each town.

  • We sell the display of said content, so we are responsible for the information it contains, but never for the use that each user of the application gives it.

Escape the Town is a game with the following characteristics:

  • It is a free activity at the time that each participant wishes, without the need for prior reservation.

  • It is played in the open air, walking through the streets of a town, where each participant is free to move where they want.

  • It is not necessary to play the game to touch any element on public roads, shops or other private establishments.

  • There are no actors or game personnel along the course.

  • There is no supervision by Escape the Town while it is in progress.

  • When carried out in different public spaces of each town, it may be that in a timely manner, some of these spaces are not accessible due to markets, works or similar. In this case, the test located in that space cannot be performed and must be skipped by using the "solution clue" of that test.


Once an experience has been purchased, returns are not allowed after 14 days from the time of purchase.

Returns will not be accepted if the game has been started, that is, if the code received when purchasing the experience has been entered into the Escape the Town app and the game countdown has started. This is applicable to any situation, including weather conditions, since it is an activity that the client decides when it starts, it is their responsibility to make sure that the weather will allow it.

However, you have 6 months from the date of purchase to make use of the experience.


Because the Escape the Town activity is freely carried out by the participants, at the time they deem appropriate, and without supervision at any time by Escape the Town, Escape the Town is not responsible of possible damages derived from:

  • Falls and injuries suffered by a participant during the course of the activity

  • Damage or harm that a participant may cause to public or private elements found during the course of the activity.

Users are solely responsible for:

  • Do not damage any element of the town.

  • Do not disturb other people who use public roads or private spaces.

Users are responsible for any material damage that may be caused during the activities and therefore, they must pay the amounts corresponding to the damaged materials (always upon presentation of invoices / tickets by those affected that demonstrate the cost of said materials ).

Escape the Town cannot assume any responsibility derived from the incorrect, inappropriate or illegal use of the information displayed on the www.EscapetheTown.app

Escape the Town rejects any responsibility derived from the misuse of the contents of its pages and reserves the right to update, delete them, and to limit or prevent access when it deems appropriate.

Escape the Town is not responsible for possible security errors that could be caused by using computers infected with computer viruses. Nor is it responsible for errors caused by the use of browsers with versions that are not current used.

Security measures in relation to Covid: check this link.